Antifa was just labeled today as a domestic terrorist group by the Department of Homeland Security.

Also, Tennessee Antifa Facebook sites are now getting shut down as hate pages.

Americans and Pepe have moved in to wipe out the communist Antifa from any facebook page promoting violence or hate. Beating the Alt-Left at their own game.

The FBI still warns of more attacks by the terrorist group.

Antifa is the group that conned Knoxville Indivisible, and the Knoxville pussyhat marchers to protest with them.... agasint all those KKK white hat wearing racists that were defending the Ft Sanders monument. Oh, wait. Everyone counted 0 racists. Can you say trolled? Just Americans defending history, and the dead that lay beneath everyone's feet.

Antifa just turned obsolete, as soon as they were just getting hot.

I believe they will try to hold on a bit longer and cling to their mask wearing groups as long as they can.

They will dox BRK for the 1776th+ time, thinking we have never been doxxed before.

I don't think Antifa can ever take hold in Tennessee because of the mask laws and blocking first amendment rights. I also don't think Knoxville, Tennessee and the USA are as racist-as the Alt-Left makes everyone out to be. Just because you are white, does not mean you are racist. Just because the majority does not fall for race bating, that does not mean people are violent.


It just means the public is not putting up with the Alt-Left race baiting BS. True American's have spoken. We love all people of color. We love each other. Yes, we are an imperfect people. But when it comes down to it, we stick together. We help each other out. No skin color is better than someone else's skin color.

Be gone alt-left cucks. Pepe has spoken.

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