Breaking: Confederate 28 drops out of the Ft. Sanders Monument Rally.
I was going to post this in the am, but we don't have it exclusive, so I am posting now.
BRK is not affiliated with Confederate 28, and we first learned about them from the Knoxville News Sentinel, who is trying to start a race conflicts in Knoxville, in my opinion. 
KNS has a writer on staff who is part of the Highlander Center, a communist organization, under another name, and previously Kicked out of Tennessee (assets sold off by the state), then also kicked out of Knoxville.

A statement released by Confederate 28, regarding the Knoxville rally:

My name is George Valois. I am a spokesman for Confederate 28.

Here is C28's official statement concerning the rally in Knoxville, TN:

At the Unite the Right free speech rally, Communist Party, Antifa, and BLM members attacked our
permitted rally with: urine, feces, used condoms, used tampons, bats, bear mace, knives, acid, gas,
poison, sticks, etc. Instead of denouncing the Left-Wing terrorism, our "conservative" GOP politicians
attacked the legally permitted UtR rally, as "white supremacist", "KKK", and "neo-nazi". Some of the
people at UtR very well could have been "neo-nazi", but there were African American and Jewish
people standing in defense of the Lee statue; were they "neo-nazis" and "white supremacists"? Our
GOP politicians didn't take the time to look at the facts, but got caught up in sensationalized news and
denounced their very voting base, instead of denouncing the people who were there illegally and
caused the violence.

After the Battle of Charlottesville, the militant Left continued their war, by attacking any monument
dedicated to our European ancestors (Saint Joan of Arc, even). Our GOP politicians failed us again, and
echoed Antifa's calls for the removal of our history. Yet again proving that the GOP does not have
conservative Americans' interests at heart.

We decided to host a rally in Knoxville, TN, after its monument was vandalized, because:

1. Appalachians (East Tennesseans in particular) still have a sense of pride in their history, and a natural
love for their folk.

2. There are numerous Marxist, BLM, and Antifa supporting candidates seeking election in Knoxville,
who are promoting our history being erased.

3. The GOP politicians are cowards and do not care about their voting base, but are only doing the
bidding of the Deep State; hence why they never make defensive statements for our historical
monuments, but are quick to use buzzwords against any white person wanting to preserve their history.
As soon as the monument was vandalized, we sent out internet activists across the web with sock
accounts to inflame the local population, to raise their voice against the removal of their monument. We
spread word of a rally being planned to any and all conservative activists in East TN, and encouraged
them to start FB rally events, to spread the word.

After the seeds were sown, we released on Storrmfront that a rally was being planned by Confederate
28. We hoped that the media would catch wind of it, and hype it up, due to Charlottesville still being on
tip of everyone's tongue. It worked.

The local media discovered the post on SF, and, as expected, hyped the rally as a "neo-nazi" and "white
supremacist" event, even though it was never billed as anything of the sort, nor even verified if it was
indeed taking place. The media sensationalized the story, without doing any proper investigative
journalism, and allowed the rally to blow up. Now the locals have taken up the cause of defending their
statue by creating their own rally, due to the news' advertisement.

Knoxville has thousands of Antifa, BLM, and other Marxist demonstrators busing into the city, and
threats of violence are already being made by them. They are cursing the Knoxville Police Department,
Southern history, and anyone who doesn't agree with their radical positions. Now the people of
Knoxville can see for themselves how these people behave and what they stand for. They will be able
to formulate their own opinions of the Left, from real experience, vs the false "peaceful protester"
narrative that the liberal media wants to force feed them.

Confederate 28 has dissolved due to internal issues, suspended all projects and evens, and we have no
hand in the rally (this is all stated on our website). Most of our members have joined the Traditionalist
Worker Party, but said organization will not be at the Knoxville rally, as far as we know.

The Knoxville locals have started their own rally, and have taken up the cause of defending their
history. Now all their local and state GOP leaders are condemning them as being "white supremacists"
and "neo-nazis", for simply defending their monument. Tennessee GOP candidates have once again
been informed by the liberal media, and shown that they do not care for their history or for the
European peoples of America. This exposed truth will only aid us in ending our two-party system.
Confederate 28, with its last effort, has effectively: Brought the Knoxville memorial's vandalism to
statewide and national news, brought a horde of Antifa, Marxists, and BLM to Knoxville to show
people their hatred for history, heritage, and law enforcement, created dox files on all the local East
Tennessee Antifa activists and their supporters, prompted GOP candidates to openly turn on their own
heritage and voters (strengthening the 3rd Position), and spurred a local grassroots pro-history rally.

It was C28's pleasure to serve our folk. We wish the memorial's defense rally a successful protest and
pray for their safety, and for the safety of the KPD officers who are defending free speech.



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