The following candidates are not electable. 
District 1 - Rebecca Parr
District 2 - Brandon Bruce
District 3 - Seema Perez
Distrcit 4 - Jack Knoxville
District 4 - Lauren Rider
District 4 - Amelia Parker
District 6 - Shawnee Rios
See Below for more detail. Each candidate has been contacted for any errors. This page is all opinions regarding these candidates.

District 1 Knoxville City Council

supports Illegal Immigrants. Would vote for sanctuary cities.
Platform and Focus: Ms. Parr wants the city to pay more attention to the unheard voices of South Knoxville, and Knoxville in general. Focus on opioid Crisis & Shortage of Affordable housing more jobs with living wages inclusiveness and diversity.
Endorsements: Left Open – The Progressive Resistance Knoxville Tennessee Green Party. Ms. Parr states that, “Isa Infante is one of the coolest women that I have the privilege to call my friend of many years. Check out her website. To get there you make a hard left.” The left open website calls the knox/knoxville police a military arm of the Republican Party.
Her best friend from the Highlander Center says she's "the poster child for social change and democracy. A fresh voice."
Boards: Community Action Committee as a representative for the Head Start Policy Council (Chairperson), and Marble City Opera, and in the past Dismas House.
Quotes by Rebecca Parr:
1. “We are definitely in a period of climate change.”
2. “We need to be supportive of all families, including the hard working and tax-paying immigrants,” Parr said. “They are not taking jobs; they are improving the community.”
3. “Refugee families need our support,” Parr said. “They are not here to take advantage of us. We need to reach out and help those people.”
4. “It was a beautiful afternoon at Highlander to honor Frank Adams. He awakens from his legacy an "unearthing seeds of fire" in so many including myself. Thank you for your major contribution to the movement Frank, and for our strolling conversations.


District 2 Knoxville City Council
For sanctuary cities.
Goals: Make Knoxville #1 to Live, Work, and Play. Offer access to 1GB (Gig) high-speed internet to all Knoxville. Wants more bike lanes ( about $1 million per mile). Bring the USS Clamagore WWII submarine to Knoxville to honor our veterans and create a museum.
Notables: His wife is a staunch supporter of the women's march, and she attended the Women's March in Washington. She teaches social inequality and immigration and disaster. Climate refugees were mentioned at the last recodeKnoxville (rezoning) meeting.

District 3 Knoxville City Council

Update: "My platform is about the violence that occurs in homes that lead to violence, crime and drug abuse in the community. I feel all policy, business development, affordable housing and zoning decisions need to consider how it will impact the safety of Knoxville. I support the Walkabilty Ordinances and easier access to public transportation. I support the arrest and detention of all violent offenders, documented and undocumented."  Just as I am updating for this candidate, I will for anyone else as well.  If I have something wrong, I need to correct it and am mor than happy to correct it.
History 20+ years advocacy work. domestic violence mental illness etc.
For Sanctuary Cities.
Notables: lived in district 3 for 40 years.
Suggestive in stating that we need another revolution or rebellion for LGBT, people of color, and women. Her full post...
Self described progressive.
Endorsements: Left Open - Progressive Resistance Knoxville Tennessee Green Party and the Knox County Green Party
Co-Campaigns with the 2017 City Council Movement in Knoxville, which includes the co founder of the violent #blacklivesmatter chapter in Knoxville.Anti 287(g)

District 4 Knoxville City Council
20 years of experience in marketing and helping launch start-ups. Runs two non profits.
Launched the Trans Empowerment Project in Knoxville. Jack was previously a female. And is now male and changed his last name to Knoxville.
Self Described community activist/organizer,
Advocates and is a speaker for Planned Parenthood
For Illegal Immigration and sanctuary cities
Quotes: “I don't know about you all but porn seems to enhance all of my relationships... Also, I've actually never felt dysphoric due to watching porn but I have felt it after listening to Republicans.”
Believes that nazi's lives matter.
Ran for City of Knoxville Mayor as a write-in in 2015 under a platform for more accountability and higher standards for police officers.
“Unfortunately pollution, abandoned buildings, and high crime are all plaguing our city, and it’s time to “Clean it up, Knoxville”! “ If Trump got elected his survey has him moving to Spain

District 4 Knoxville City Council
Platform: Growth and Housing. Pro RecodeKnoxville and redevelopment (connecting neighborhoods new bike lanes, walkways, green ways etc. under the guise of ICLEI, an UN organization "guiding" Knoxville in their "sustainable cities" rezoning, recoding effort.  Knoxville just re-upped it's membership dues in ICLEI)
Organizer for the Knoxville Women's PussyHat March, now renamed to Women's March Coalition. One of the principals of the march,”We believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin.” Which means sanctuary cities. Many women marchers in Knoxville felt left out as the Women's march was noninclusive of all women's ideals.
Her campaign includes help from a far left activist and protester Gloria Johnson. It appears Lauren Rider has erased most of her written history from the internet so that you cannot see her past radical views, and it also appears she was able to get the local media to do the same. She has not mentioned any of her past/ recent social justice protesting on her campaign pages. However there are still videos out there that she has not been able to erase. She will help bankrupt the city by adding sidewalks all over Knoxville, even if neighborhoods don't need them. The current list of prioritized sidewalk projects is lengthy, some $150 million long. And what will it cost to maintain them safely?

District 4 Knoxville City Council
#BlackLiveMatter co-founder Knoxville Chapter
For Illegal immigrants. For sanctuary cities.
Carries a masters and law degree.
Platform: Rights-based approach to economic development. Safe and healthy neighborhoods. A city budget that's for the people, by the people. Public budgeting process.
Her group seeks reparations and an end to the war on black people, listed on their Knoxville website.
Boards etc. Executive Director of Peace Brigades International-USA. Birdhouse Community Center Coalition to Stop School Pushout.
Notables: Her organization consistently separated whites from blacks in private and public, forced the media off public property to keep them from covering an event, beat on multiple cars etc. I personally witnessed this and other violence. BLM is a violent organization that should not be a part of City Council.

District 6 Knoxville City Council
Platform: Stop the cycle of violence, poverty drug addiction. Raise Minimum Wage.
Would approve of Knoxville being sanctuary city and allow illegal immigration.
Against Trump Agenda. Active in LGBT issues. Supports #blacklivesmatter.
Publicly stated that she wants to sit down with opposite minded people, but privately will not. Some say she has antisemitic views.
Endorsements: None
Quotes from 2017
- “Does the 2nd amendment need to be updated? Yes. Does the NRA need to be involved? Hell no.”
- “Snowflakes can shut Knoxville down in a matter of minutes. The revolution has been coming. Join it.”
- “When I say I'm an activist and an advocate, I mean it. If it costs me an election, so be it.”
“I'm a vocal advocate for the rights of women, POC, the LGBT+ community, immigrants, the mentally ill, disabled, and a supporter of secular government and the separation of church and state. I've lived in Knoxville for around 6 years. “
Rios was instrumental in the removal of the bible verse at KPD HQ.
Boards etc.
Rationalists of East Tn. Atheists Society of Knoxville, Treasurer
Founding director of the Freedom From Religion Foundation-East Tn. The organization threatening to sue the city that she wants to work for.

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